Who Wore it Best: The Grammy’s vs The Walking Dead

By Samantha Sineni

The Grammys always bring out beautiful people showing off the hottest trends of the new year. We watch elegant celebrities in stunning designer gowns and the daring taking memorable fashion risks. The Grammys sure do showcase the best of fashion, but let’s not leave out the other major event of the season, the premier of the Walking Dead season five. The Walking Dead brings us an apocalypse-chic that cannot be ignored. Let’s see who wore it better in a Grammys vs Walking Dead showdown.

Ariana Grande vs Judith


The youngest of the best dressed, Ariana and Judith both sport a mature look. Adriana adds a little tasteful sex appeal, while Judith goes for grandmother-chic.

Miley Cyrus vs Eugene


Miley’s iconic hair definitely draws attention, but it can be argued that Eugene rocks it even better. Though both Southern, Miley gives a high fashion edge to the high-head poof, and we see that Eugene takes a more intellectual approach.

Kim Kardashian vs Hometown Zombie


Earth tones compliment almost anyone’s skin tone and fit every occasion. As we see here, Kim’s outfit says, “I’m cold, but I still want to look hot” and this fashionista to the right combines fashion and functionality.

Chrissy Teigen vs “There’s No Way Tyreese is Going to Make It Now” Zombie


Wavy blond hair isn’t just for the ladies, even though Chrissy Teigen gives it a polished, classy feel. The surfer look might have started in California, but this elegantly disheveled mister on the right brings the laid-back vibe to Atlanta.

Gwen Stefani vs the Governor


Adding asymmetry can funk up any outfit. Gwen bends a lined pattern to create a flattering shape. The governor’s eye patch brings back a look reminiscent of the late 1600s to prove that you can be stylish no matter what life throws at your face.

Jessie J vs Gabriel


Black on black is no risk, all reward in the realm of fashion. An elegant black dress or suit brings a touch of class to every occasion. You can edge it up with light-catching shine or keep it traditional, proving that loving God can also mean looking your best.


So there you have it. Six of the best dressed people in the public eye battling it out for the top spot. So who wore it better? Comment below to tell us who will win it all.


See the real top 7 best dressed from the Grammys here.



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