Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Award Winning Procrastinator

By Kate Hoffman

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, which means if you haven’t picked up a gift for your sweetheart yet, you’ve officially entered into the danger zone. And since you’ve already proven yourself to be a first class procrastinator, chances are you haven’t even attempted to put some thought into a V-Day present for your beloved. (Ahem, no judgment.) Calm down, take a breath, and check out this list of last minute but gender-neutral gift ideas to help get you started.

Breakfast in Bed


Forgo hitting the snooze button and plan to surprise your significant other with their favorite breakfast dish in bed. Rather than use the usual paper and plastic place settings, class up the breakfast tray with your best china, cloth napkins and finest silverware. Garnish the tray with a single red rose or flower petals. Don’t forget that clean up is part of the gift, too – wash the dishes when they’re done!

Movie Tickets

Before the big day, head over to your local movie theater and pick up a couple of tickets. Put together a movie night basket complete with popcorn, soda and all of your lover’s favorite sweets. Bonus points if you go see a romantic flick. (HINT: 50 Shades of Grey)


For the connoisseur of liquor, buy them a bottle of their libation of choice. For the beer drinker, indulge them with a 6-pack of their favorite brew. Decorate the bottle or pack with hearts, stickers, or romantic love messages. There are also plenty of wine or beer of the month subscriptions that will make the gift last all year!


Okay, okay. Flowers certainly aren’t groundbreaking for Valentine’s Day, but most flower shops require orders to be placed days, if not weeks in advance. Luckily, most supermarkets house flower sections with a decent assortment. To dress up your arrangement, splurge on a decorative vase or jar and your Valentine will be none the wiser.

Spa Day

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? As a couple, leave the stress, anxiety and worries at home and spend a day of relaxation together at the spa. Celebrate with massages – the perfect gift for couples looking to connect on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Homemade Dinner

Most couples feel obligated to make dinner reservations at a fancy, new restaurant for Valentine’s Day. You go all out and get dressed to the nines only to find that when you get to the restaurant the wait time is outrageous and you’re forced to order off of a fixed menu that’s way overpriced. Skip the drama of going out and make a romantic dinner at home. Give your dining room the look and feel of that fancy restaurant and play some love songs in the background to set the mood. You’ll forget that you’re at home in no time.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Society has deemed chocolate-covered strawberries to be a Valentine’s Day staple. But ordering from one of those big name companies can get real pricey, real fast. Why spend all that money when you can easily make your own? Pick up the ingredients and make beforehand to allow enough time for the chocolate to harden in the fridge. Mix it up by adding chocolate chips, sprinkles, or nuts. Serve with champagne!


Above all else, it goes without saying that no matter what you procure your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, no gift is complete without a handwritten (and heartfelt!) card. Enjoy the day with your love! Just remember that when it’s all over and done with you only have 364 days left to plan for next year.

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