Make Your Oscar’s Party Nomination Worthy

By Kate Hoffman

Oscar night is full of glitz and glamour, thrills and excitement. It’s an old Hollywood tradition that dates back to the Roaring Twenties when the First World War had turned cold and motion pictures were hot. An opportunity for Hollywood’s elite to gather together to honor their colleagues and to celebrate the achievements in filmmaking from the past year. It’s a night that brings out gowns, tuxedos, high fashion, cameras, speeches, and emotions. For one night only, the stars come out to rejoice in their industry’s accomplishments.

But why should Hollywood have all the fun? Gather your friends together and host your own Oscars party! With these three criterion, your party will be worthy of the silver screen.


Plan your menu around the Best Picture nominees. Each year, the Academy recognizes between five and ten films for the night’s most prestigious award. Use your imagination and create dishes that revolve around the film titles. This year, you have eight to choose from. (Birdman, Boyhood, Selma, The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, The Grand Budapest Hotel, American Sniper, and Whiplash.) Break it out by course and be clever with the names. Maybe your main course is a chicken dish, loosely based on the nod to Birdman. Use The Grand Budapest Hotel title to incorporate a native dish from Hungary. (Perhaps goulash served in single-serve cups.) “The Imitation Crab Dip Game” is a cheeky title to use for homemade crab dip served up as an appetizer. Be creative! Give it a good think and you’ll discover that there are plenty of ways for you to make your menu fun and inventive.


For the past fourteen years, the Academy Awards ceremony has been held in the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. The lights, the splendor, the red carpet! With these decorating tips, create the illusion of grandeur by transforming your living room into your own Dolby Theater. Who doesn’t love to make an entrance? Convert a disposable, plastic tablecloth into your very own red carpet. Cut down to size and run it the length of your entrance. Your guests will feel as if they’re attending the Oscars firsthand from the moment they walk through the door. Create your own step and repeat banner and let your guests strike a pose. Adorn the walls with movie posters or cutouts of some of your favorite celebrities. Decide on a color scheme and utilize balloons and ribbon where desired. If you’re aiming for a more elegant atmosphere, have your guests dress up in their best Hollywood glam attire. Have fun with it! It’s your party and you can decide on the look and feel.



Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.06.01 PM


Care to make it interesting? Sure, the televised event provides more than enough entertainment for the evening, but having your guests predict the winners themselves adds an attention-grabbing twist. Visit for printable ballots. Have your guests fill out their own ballots before the show and award prizes to the one who predicts the most winners! This will not only provide for interesting conversations throughout the evening, but it will also keep your guests captivated through some of the less stimulating categories.



Follow these guidelines and you’re sure to treat your guests to a party they won’t soon forget. Now go start writing your acceptance speech, because with these tips you’re guaranteed to nab the statue for “Best Oscars Party” this year!


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