Reinventing the Mason Jar

By Kate Hoffman

Ask grandma what a mason jar is used for and she’ll likely say canning jams or preserving food. Ask almost anyone else and you’ll learn that canned jams are a thing of the past. The mason jar has unquestionably been reinvented in the 21st century. Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties – mason jars are hitting the party planning scene in a huge way. Once a practical container, now a stylish and trendy must-have at any social gathering. Here are just a few ways the mason jar can be integrated into your next party or event:

brides-magazine-maine-real-wedding-corbin-gurkinAfter an event, no one will be raving about plastic or paper cups, and boring drinkware certainly won’t coordinate with the décor. Take a more rustic approach by serving up fruity beverages and cocktails in mason jars to enhance your theme and impress guests with your attention to detail. Design a signature cocktail and add colorful straws or umbrellas to personalize the drink and add your own touch.



Mason jar centerpieces recently took hold of the wedding planning scene. Wedding planners can use mason jars to add rustic flare by arranging a bouquet of favorite flowers, accenting with scented candles or bringing the beach inside with sand and seashells. Get creative and design the outside of the jars, as well!



Who says that food has to be served up on a platter or in a bowl? Mason jars can be used to serve your guests appetizers or desserts in a single serving fashion. Pasta salad, layered dip, cake, pie or ice cream – arm your guests with a fork or spoon and let them nosh on homemade goodies in a unique and innovative way.



If you’re aiming for an urban or bucolic setting for your special event, then mason jars could add the perfect touch. Fill them with white or colored Christmas lights and scatter around your party to illuminate the room. If you’re hosting a large, sit down gathering, fasten some tags to the lids or draw on them with chalk to artistically create homemade table numbers. Or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, fill with candles and string some together to hang high above your guests to accentuate the space of your party.



Finally, no social gathering would be complete without party favors to close out a successful event. Leave your guests with a reminder of the memories they made with mason jar manicure and pedicure kits, single serve hot cocoa mix with marshmallows, candies and treats or a DIY cocktail gift for your adult friends. Add your own personal touch by decorating the outside of the jars or adding on a makeshift handle. Little mason jars hold endless possibilities.



So the next time you find yourself hosting a party, remember to pick up your mason jars. You can usually buy them in bulk at your local supermarket. If you have any leftover, well, you know you can always send them to grandma!


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Mason Jar Drinking Glass Mason Jar Flowers Centerpiece Mason Jar Candles Centerpiece Mason Jar Desserts Mason Jar Hanging Lights Mason Jar Table Numbers Mason Jar Cocktail Kit

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